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Development and reform trade "on the 2014 spring fertilizer supply work notice" issued

Notice on 2014 spring fertilizer supply work
Change trade [2014]159 number
Provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the central government and cities specifically designated in the state plan, Xinjiang production and construction corps development and Reform Commission, Price Bureau, industrial and information department, Ministry of Finance (bureau), the agriculture department (bureau), the competent commerce department, industrial and commercial bureau, the Bureau of quality and technical supervision, the National Energy Bureau of the agency, supply and Marketing Cooperative
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Agencies, the Railway Bureau, the Agricultural Development Bank of the various branches:
In recent years, China's fertilizer supply and demand pattern changes, a substantial increase in the amount of fertilizer supply, distribution network is perfect with each passing day, spring with a fertilizer supply level of protection to further improve, for grain yield to make an important contribution. 2014 spring just around the corner, do spring fertilizer production and supply of work, to promote agricultural production throughout the year, ensure national food security role of major. At present, it is necessary to seriously implement the Central Rural Work Conference on maintenance to deepen rural reform, strengthen the position of agriculture as the foundation of the spirit, do a good job in chemical fertilizer production and circulation needed supplies of raw materials, transportation scheduling, reserve put, the market environment and the quality of agricultural management, security of grain and other major agricultural products in the "ten even increase on the basis of continue to increase, for the strong agricultural Huinong the kulak service business. The 2014 spring fertilizer supply related work notice as follows:
One, to protect the supply of raw materials for fertilizer production
In the spring by fertilizer during and season with a fertilizer, all localities and departments to for fertilizer required all the supply of raw materials to actively create conditions. Local government departments to coordinate coal enterprises give priority to the performance and chemical fertilizer enterprises signed a supply contract to ensure the supply of coal for fertilizer use; China National Petroleum Corporation, China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation, China National Offshore Oil Corporation and local power supply department should be the chemical fertilizer production using natural gas (signed contract of supply and marketing), power supply as a key should be guaranteed.
Two, give priority to railway transportation of chemical fertilizer
Around the railway transport sector to reasonable allocation of capacity and give priority to ensuring the following four aspects to transport fertilizer requirement: Shanxi, Henan, Shandong, Hebei, Gansu, Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia and other areas of nitrogen transport to the northeast, South and southwest, Yunnan, Guizhou, Sichuan, Hubei and other phosphate transport to the northeast and northwest regions; the third is the Qinghai and Xinjiang potash fertilizer of Sinotrans, transporting countries off-season commercial reserves of chemical fertilizers. The need for fertilizer production of coal, phosphate rock and other raw materials transport should focus on fertilizer to give priority support.
Three, the implementation of the low season commercial fertilizer business
The relevant departments have been and fertilizer light storage enterprise 2013 / 2014 annual national off-season commercial reserves agreement signed, during the spring went to check around the short storage of the implementation of the task. The storage enterprises to earnestly implement the agreement, timely enough reserves and advance to the grassroots Xiaoou placed, according to the request submitted to the reserve account statistics and local reserves of chemical fertilizers and price movements. Provincial Development and Reform Commission and the financial sector should strengthen the supervision and inspection of the area of the storage enterprises. Found local market, individual sessions, some varieties have signs of the rapid rise in the merchandise in stock signs or price, local authorities and the storage enterprises to promptly report to the competent department, if necessary by the competent department agreed to advance delivery of off-season reserves of chemical fertilizers. Agricultural Development Bank of China branch in the premise of ensuring the safety of funds to give priority to the country's national light storage fertilizer storage enterprises to provide credit support.
Four, improve the level of Agricultural Service
At all levels in the agricultural sector, supply and marketing cooperatives, fertilizer association and the large chemical fertilizer production and circulation enterprises to adapt to the needs of agricultural scale, regional, specialization, standardization transformation, and actively build a new agricultural management system. To improve the agricultural modern circulation network and ancillary facilities of the construction level, combining the agricultural chain and farmers' cooperatives and other new agricultural business entities; two innovative service models, the implementation of full custody, order service, technical contract, technology combined services, on-demand service, due to fertilizer, fertilization technology to put the service into households, conversion of agricultural production throughout the social services; three to accelerate the agricultural quality traceability system construction, change "on human after the crackdown to rely on science and technology to advance the anti fake, product identification, state records, information query, to track, safeguard the interests of farmers; four to improve the service level of agricultural science and technology, to help farmers understand the conditions and methods of use of chemical fertilizer characteristics, scientific fertilization.
Five, strengthen agricultural quality management
To do a good job of production from the source of fertilizer quality supervision, focusing on the investigation of compound fertilizer, compound fertilizer content with low charge and high quality, good quality and low charge to make false and other behavior. For false advertising, identity fraud, illegal metrological and kengnonghainong behavior, and drive up prices, collude with rise in price, price fraud, not according to the provisions of the price tag and other illegal price behaviors and found, investigated and dealt with, along with the exposure that must not be tolerated.
Six, give full play to the role of industry associations
The relevant industry associations to guide and coordinate the urge the member enterprises, on the one hand, strengthen acts of production and operation, self-discipline, to jointly promote the business, to promote the good faith management, rational treatment of market volatility, maintain the smooth operation of the market; another timely coordinate and solve business problems and contradictions, maintaining the legitimate interests of enterprises.
National Development and Reform Commission
Ministry of industry and information technology
treasury department
Ministry of Agriculture
Ministry of Commerce
Administration for Industry and Commerce
General Administration of quality supervision
National Energy Board
Supply and marketing
China Railway Corporation
Agricultural Development Bank of China

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