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Fertilizer industry is facing great changes

Current fertilizer industry more and more efficient, professional, precise, convenient, friendly and fertilizer integration development, and irreversible. This irreversible nature is the inevitable choice of the national strategy and the development of the industry.
Change is the requirement of national strategy
"National" in 12th Five-Year "development plan", "oil and chemical industry" in 12th Five-Year "development guide", "China nitrogen fertilizer industry" in 12th Five-Year, the introduction of the fertilizer industry to carry out a big change. The "national" Twelfth Five Year "development plan" directed at the development of modern agriculture, national food security, the transformation and upgrade the manufacturing industry, cultivate and develop strategic emerging industries, promote energy production and use patterns change, and actively respond to global climate change, strengthen resource conservation and management, vigorously develop the circular economy, increase efforts to protect the environment, strengthen ecological protection and restoration, strengthening water conservancy and disaster prevention and mitigation system construction and agriculture, fertilizer related content. Therefore, during the 12th Five-Year, the fertilizer industry to accelerate the transformation of development mode will become a main line. (Ceng Xiancheng)
Change is the requirement of environmental pressure.
With the rapid development of China's economy, high energy consumption, high output to the environment has brought tremendous pressure. In February 6, 2010, the Ministry of environmental protection, the National Bureau of statistics and the Ministry of Agriculture issued the first national census of pollution sources. Communique pointed out that agriculture has become China's first contaminated industry. 1 billion 800 million acres of arable land to bear the brunt of the annual nearly 1 tons of fertilizer into the land, coupled with plastic film, chemical pesticides, organic material is not clean, industrial waste and other inputs to the attack, so that the land overwhelmed. In the face of serious non-point source pollution (water pollution, soil pollution, urban pollution, etc.), the need to increase the utilization rate of chemical fertilizers, must adjust the product structure, must change the use of the method.
Change is the requirement of low carbon economy
In August 6, 2012, the State Council issued the "notice on the issue of energy saving and emission reduction" in 12th Five-Year. Overall goal: "12th Five-Year" period, the realization of energy saving 6.7 tons of standard coal. Energy saving and emission reduction is a hard indicator, is the United Nations Convention signatory obligations. Emission reduction of what, less energy consumption. General chemical fertilizer plant production of 1 tons of chemical fertilizer to burn 1.3 tons of coal, if the fertilizer utilization rate doubled, less burned half of the coal, and the consumption of 1 tons of standard coal will be released 2.6 tons of carbon dioxide. Therefore, from the energy conservation and emission reduction, fertilizer change is an inevitable requirement. No change in the chemical fertilizer industry is no way out, no change can not adapt to the development, no change can not be synchronized with the sustainable.
Change is the requirement of the development of fertilizer industry
Kinds of fertilizer to meet the requirements for fertilizer for crops, elemental fertilizer must be to composite, diversification, specialization, and not just of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, elements and trace elements in combination, or two elements and trace elements in combination, or three elements and trace elements in combination, or multiple compound and so on.
The national "12th Five Year Plan" clear requirements, in accordance with the requirements of development of modern agriculture and environment friendly, moderate development of multi nitro fertilizer, melting, phosphorus and potassium fertilizer, liquid fertilizer fertilizer, encourage the development according to the requirement of formula fertilization compound and mixed fertilizer and special fertilizer attaches importance to developing, trace element fertilizer, slow controlled release fertilizer; key development, the promotion of sustained and controlled release fertilizer and mixed fertilizer production technology and equipment, water soluble fertilizers, new package material and preparation technology, establish and perfect compound and mixed fertilizer standards; support for the development and application of new type of fertilizer.
At the same time, the integration of fertilizer enterprises also become inevitable. In accordance with the requirements of regional economy, the agricultural economy has been developing, large-scale production requirements fertilizer enterprises must adjust the industrial layout, to production to establish their production enterprises, to growing demand for industry production of different fertilizers, to meet the diverse needs of agriculture and agricultural production, to encourage and support the development of high science and technology content of enterprise, to leading enterprises, and gradually the small enterprises and weak integrate enterprise to adapt to the rapid development of modern agricultural economy. Therefore, the endogenous change of the fertilizer industry is the internal factor of the change of the fertilizer industry.
Change is the requirement of agricultural intensification
Rural cooperative medical system is an important achievement in the development of rural reform, the agricultural production put forward higher requirements, followed by the production of fertilizer, quality, cost of higher requirements. Rural land transfer is a product of the development of the rural economy to a certain stage. Through the land transfer, we can carry out large-scale, intensive, modern agricultural management mode. With the continuous development of China's agricultural economy, in the vast majority of agricultural developed areas began a large area of land transfer, has reached the requirements of intensive management. According to the gradient, the latitude and longitude of the growth conditions to adjust the planning, not east block west of chipping away, but scale, regionalization, specialization.
To sum up, China's fertilizer industry has become a big change is inevitable, irreversible. In this context, chemical fertilizer enterprises should adapt, change, adjust and progress as soon as possible.

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