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Environmental Friendly

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Reducing the loss of fertilizer, reducing the pollution to surface water, groundwater and the air. Reducing the consumption of coal and gas,  phosphorus and potassium resources.

High Quality Products:Optimized  fertilizer supply to each crops result in homogeneous high quality products.

Improve Harsh Environment Resistance:Controlled release fertilizer can supply nutrients according to plants demand in different growth period, let the crops have developed root system and  stout stem, improve crop drought resistance, lodging resistance and disease resistance.

Increase the Yield of Crops:Controlled release fertilizer release the nutrients according to the demand of crops, improve the absorb capacity  of crop’s nitrogen, the low concentration of nitrogen also reduced the adverse effects of ammonium toxicity on crop root, which can promote the microbial activity in the soil, is good for the yield gene of crops expression, improve the crop yields.


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National Service Hotline:400 -6031- 728    Address:Sangxin Road, Wuqiao County, Cangzhou City, Hebei Province, China