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Polyurethane coated urea nitrogen content: with 44-45% Color: Green / White / yellow / Blue / red / purple red shape: spherical particle diameter: 2-4.75 mm (conventional) 2-4 mm (rice special anti floating) pH: 7.0PH: 7.0 water absorption of: no
Polyurethane coated urea (PCU) anti floating rice special urea
Product description
1.60 days of polyester coated urea package complex rate will be reduced to 2.3%, the amount of nitrogen containing more than 45%. 2 initial nitrogen release rate of less than 1% (25 degrees, within 24 hours), much higher than the national standard. 3 temperature is 25 degrees, the release of the aging will be up to 40-300 days. 4 each urea release rate of the same. Resin coating is very smooth and uniform. 5 release curve into "S" type, and crop nutrient uptake rate consistent. 6 smooth surface, uniform particle size is conducive to the mechanization of fertilization. 7 non solvent coating technology, coating can be degraded, and environmental protection.

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