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Polyurethane coated potassium nitrate

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Nitrogen containing polyurethane coated potassium nitrate (PC NK): 11-12% K2O content: 43-44% Color: Yellow particle shape: spherical particle size: 2-4.75 mm acid-base: 7.0 absorbent: no
Product description
1 high purity, high quality raw materials and coating materials can be completely degraded by using advanced solvent free coating technology. 2 according to the needs of different nutrient release plants. Plant nutrients, without any impurities, can effectively improve the yield and quality of crops. 4 high quality resin coated potassium nitrate can be stable, accurate and safe to release the nutrients needed by plants. Is the fruit, vegetables, melons, potatoes, sugar cane, tea, flowers, grass, tobacco and other high-value economic crops preferred.

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